ApHC Executive Committee memo

small web bannerRegrettably due to health and other issues most recently, three individuals have chosen to resign from the ApHC Board of Directors. We would like to take this time to thank them for their efforts while serving on Board and wish them nothing but the best moving forward. At the same time, we will seize this opportunity to not only bring the newly appointed Board of Directors online before our June meeting but also to convey to you, our most valued assets – our MEMBERSHIP, the continued welfare of the ApHC is and will always be the focus of the Board of Directors and our Staff.

We believe partnerships with other breeds and associations will be critical to the success of the equine industry as a whole. Therefore, we are looking forward to greater opportunities on the marketing front to improve our competitiveness in the equine industry. While we forge into the future and looking at ways to improve, we know our strength and direction will come from our Membership. Therefore, you will see a concerted effort into reaching out and connecting more than ever before while listening to our Members and Regional Clubs about their ideas, concerns, and needs. We remain committed to the Appaloosa Horse and the Members of the Appaloosa Horse Club.

As one of our first steps into reconnecting with our Members, we invite you to our General Membership Meeting on June 23rd at 3:00pm located in the French Room, within the Watt Building during the 2013 National / Youth World Show. Please attend this important gathering where you will be able to provide feedback and your recommendations regarding what the Committees are working on within a roundtable format with each Major Committee having its own table with refreshments being provided by the Marketing Committee. Come one, come all – make a difference and attend – be a part of the ApHC FUTURE!

ApHC Executive Committee