I think aliens have taken over my pony…

*share pony 🙂 This was Cammy on sunday, yes, in case you dont believe me, it is him alright 🙂 this is the pony who has cantered up to a jump i think either once or twice, then i got him over it in canter twice the other day 😀 and he didnt plod up at 2mph, stop and then bunny hop, he went over at the same speed, with RYHTHUMMM!! 😀 as you can see i am extremely shocked ahahaha in one of the clips, but was so so damn proud of him 😀 i thought he had got swapped or aliens had taken over him or something? The cross pole was also our highest jump to date i think ahahha, dont laugh but he is scared of a pole, or has been for the last year anyway 😛 Dont know if im getting to ambitious but looking back over the clips i think i can see he has some scoop, maybe i should higheer them?? 😛 Oh and i like feedback, good or bad 😛 Oh and full video wont be for a while as working on my collab with minimoo1999 Cammy: 14.1hh, 7 year old appaloosa gelding Camera: Canon Ixus 220 HS HD
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