Lynn Hickey

Lynn Hickey passed away last Friday. Lynn Hickey Dodge was a great sponsor of ApHC events in the 1990’s in Oklahoma City. He was a genuinely nice man with a passion for horses and friends. He was known in Oklahoma for his dealership promotions that were larger than life – much like Lynn himself. He owned many great Appaloosa champions including GO TO IMPRESS, HF SHEZA DOC, SHEZA JOKER JO-RE and CRICKET O’LENA to name a few. As a sponsor, we’d buy Lynn a plaque each year and recognize him in the arena as a valued sponsor. But he ended up making us feel like the stars of the show instead of the other way around. He was a gentleman and had a huge heart and generosity of spirit. He will be missed.

Here’s a link to Lynn’s obituary:

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