Member Reminders

National Show aBe sure to check out the news in the June Appaloosa Journal. You’ll find details about the schedules for the National Show and Youth World Championships, along with some interesting new activities focusing on our AYA members. In fact, I was inspired to write my July comments about youth and livestock shows (it seems to happen to me every year about this time).

If you’re coming to Fort Worth soon enough, we hope to see you at the general membership meeting on Sunday June 23rd. I understand the Board’s Marketing Committee and others are hoping to organize some small-group discussions so that you’ll have a direct opportunity to be a part of the ApHC strategy discussion. Honestly, we need to get away from the concept that the membership meeting is only for those who have something to complain about. We can hear from you any time you have an “issue.” It might be more important for you to have some input into future direction and priorities. We keep trying to fix what doesn’t work, but we also need to spend more energy and resources on how we want the ApHC to look a few years down the road.

The Board of Directors will be having committee meetings earlier on the 23rd and the board meeting on Monday the 24th. Location will be on the Will Rogers grounds (French Room on Watt Arena concourse), so drop by.

AND, don’t forget the Annual Awards Banquet at 5:30 on Sunday the 23rd. It will also be on the grounds, so there are very few excuses for missing it.

AND, you still have time to support ApHC exhibitors by sponsoring a class, a buckle, a banner, etc. Contact the Marketing Department at extension 235 or email

Hope to see you in Fort Worth!