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In case you didn’t notice, the 2013 Handbook is now available on the website.

USDA Adopts Animal Disease Traceability Program
Under the new federal regulations, horses moving interstate must be identified and accompanied by an Interstate Certificate of Veterinary Inspection (ICVI). The new system is built on methods of identification and movement documentation that are already employed by the horse industry. The new rules will be effective March 11, 2013, and will be administered by the states. Check out the American Horse Council website or the USDA site.

USDA Conducting Census of Agriculture, Including Horses
The American Horse Council wants to ensure that the American horse community is properly accounted for in the upcoming Census. Please participate. There are three ways in which horse owners can take part in the Census.
1. If a farm or ranch received a survey in the past, the farm will be mailed a survey that can be filled in and mailed back.
2. If a farm or ranch was not part of the 2007 Census and has not received a form in the mail, the owner must go to the USDA’s census website and register. Once this form is submitted online, a survey will be mailed to you.
3. Horse owners can also fill out the census online at the above address. Even if you plan to fill out the Census online, you will still need to register with the USDA if you have not received a form in the mail.


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