Reminder to Regional Clubs

August 25, 2016 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Uncategorized

World Show Qualifying Requirements for Non-Pros

Under the regional club system, a regional organization may qualify up to its top five (5) non-pros for the World Championship Appaloosa Show in each class. The club must have sponsored or co-sponsored at least one ApHC-approved show in that qualifying year and may only nominate non-pros in classes in which those non-pros exhibited in that club’s show.

A non-pro may receive only one (1) World Show invitation per class. If the non-pro earns an invitation under the National Point System, he/she becomes ineligible to be nominated by a Regional Club. Only the top five (5) ranking non-pros from the Regional Club, regardless of whether the non-pro qualified under the National Point System, may receive the Regional Club invitation.

For complete qualifying details, see Rule 703 and Rule 710 of the 2016 ApHC Handbook.