Summer fun

I know, we still haven’t given you a comprehensive wrap-up of the National Show and Youth World. Let’s say at the beginning that things went well. The Will Rogers facility did a fine job of hosting our shows and the Paint Youth Championships. The days that overlapped were managed in good fashion and I can state with confidence that the “kids” had a good time. Extra fun was had during the combined activities, my favorites being the shankless showmanship and champion of champions. Both breeds have a lot to be proud of and the opportunity to meet and mingle was well-received. It’s important to acknowledge and thank the army of staff members, vendors, contractors, trainers, families and whoever else needs to be included in the “crew.” We look forward to another visit to Fort Worth in October. Stay tuned for details about deadlines and schedules. In the meantime, be sure to visit with your regional club representatives to remind them that nominations are important to everyone and that we’ll really need everyone’s help and cooperation in making an efficient turnaround on entries, etc.

A couple hundred folks are traveling this week to rendezvous near Cook City, Montana, for the 2013 Chief Joseph Trail Ride. Veterans tell me this is probably the most scenic portion of the Nez Perce Trail. It’s always a great reunion and especially gratifying to see so many Appaloosa loyalists who appreciate the uniqueness and importance of this event. See some of you there!